Environmental policy of

"Tadmir-Group Management & Operation (2006) Ltd"

Tadmir Group engaged in production and marketing of animal feed.

The aim of the company to succeed in the current competitive market, while reducing environmental impacts and conservation of resources all while being high-quality products that meet the requirements, expectations and needs of customers.

the company management makes every efforts to reduce  environmental hazards in production processes and storage and working to adapt the equipment for this purpose.

The aim of the environmental principle is to ensure an array that secures environmental protection witch keeps a standard of quality that matches the demands of the office of environmental protection and denotes work methods and principles to achieve  this goals in the most efficient ways.

the company management is commited to apply the principles of    environmental protection and to stand the demands of the regulation the standard and the rools regarding the environmental protection protection.

the company commits for constant enhancements influenced by the environmental protection and will combine environmental consideration in the process of manufacturing and will adapt new technologies that minimize the

environmental hazards and pollution .

the companys  commitment is to implement this policy in all the companys layers and employees.

the companys employees and the managers commit for full coopration with the certifed authority in the field of environmental protection, mostly the ministry of environmental protection and the environmental regeonal unit. 

for topics regarding environmental protection :

Elias Eliezer