The department of quality assurance in tadmir 

Tadmir feedmill has been certified to the quality standard iso-9001 

in 1999.

since then, the principles were updated and upgraded with each upgrade of the standard,

today as fromg  november 2017 the factory is certificated to the latest version of the standard ISO-9001:2015

activity of the department of quality assurance :

the department is involved in a variety of activities that derivate from the demands of the quality standard to constant and

enhancement of the qualities management.

the main activities of the department are : carying out and supervising risk surveys of manufactories processes supervising the repareing activities.

manageing management surveys with the participation of all the department managers, supervision of the decision making, constant checking of the efectivenes of the quality system.

carrying out internal quality tests during all the year.

supervision of implemetion of repare of defects that were found.

accompanying anual followup tests in front of all the department managers, statistical analysis of the data and handing a report to the general managers for decision making,

supervision of carrying of training to the new workers.

updating regulation and refreshing training.

management of annual satisfaction surveys, sumerizing and presenting them for decision makeing for improvment of the outcome.

constant updating and fitting of inner regulations, writing new regulations with the departments managers in wide spectrum of the factory activitis .

participating in continuing education programs for learning and acknowledging the changes due to quality regulations updating for implemetions of them and for instruction of the position holders in the factory.